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STORE MANAGER OPENING (posted April 22/22)
We presently have a full-time employment opening at our Parkdale Avenue Thrift Store. We are
looking for a manager who enjoys working with a small staff and volunteers in a friendly, family
atmosphere setting. We sell “next to new” furniture, clothing, and household goods among other
items. The applicant must have experienced leadership qualities, experience in retail store layout,
managing inventory, pricing, sales, daily cash flow and banking procedures. As well as some
knowledge of donation pickups and deliveries system using our own truck. Applicants may apply
by e-mail to

Serving in Hope
Hamilton Particular Councils Newsletter, Vincentian Edition
Spring 2022
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Welcome all Hamilton Vincentians to our spring internal newsletter. In this newsletter we hope to keep you informed of our activities and we welcome your feedback and ideas to help us to improve. (Note please click on all the “links” to get the full story).

Rejuvenation update
Our Rejuvenation team are doing a great job in growing our Society. We are in the process on starting new conferences at St Eugene’s and Incarnation of our Blessed Lord and are scheduled to speak at mass to smaller conferences at St Patrick’s Hamilton and St Patrick’s Caledonia to try and encourage new members to join these existing conferences. We are planning more pulpit talks in June. We had a great orientation session in April attended by over 30 people, and we plan to have another one on June 28 at Regina Mundi at 6:30pm, please feel free to send any new members you might have, and veterans are also most welcome if you’d like to check it out. Please keep saying our prayer for vocations at your conference meetings to help us grow our Society in Hamilton and to help even more people in need.

Our Stores
Our Parkdale is looking for a new manager. Kelsey did a fantastic job for us but has moved on to a new opportunity, we wish her well. We are asking all conferences to please post our job in your parish bulletins, website, and narthex to help us find the best candidate. We also very much need volunteers at the store. We encourage ALL members to consider this, it’s a very rewarding experience, please contact Rita at 905-515-2232 if you are interested, we would really appreciate your support.

This team is also doing great work, producing our most recent newsletter The team is also working on a new idea, a lottery which will have tickets for sale soon. As with everything we do “all proceeds go to people in need”. Please support the sale of tickets at your parish when John V has them ready, this would be very much appreciated.

Social Justice
The preparations for North of 60 are well underway. We hope to fill the sea canister with supplies on June 11th (volunteers welcome) then send it on its way to Coral Harbour jam packed with wonderful supplies for the people there. It should arrive there sometime in September. Thank you to the conferences who are supporting this activity, this is an awesome effort by a great team of people.
Remember please keep promoting Seeds of Hope, the Particular Council is still offering to match your $50 startup donation with another $50. Please encourage your families to have a better future for their children. Please contact Maria at 905-515-2174 for any further information on these projects.

Educational Opportunities
We will be holding an on-line session with Linda Alexander on Health and Wellness services available for the families we support, this should be a very interesting discussion. Linda is also advising us on ways to improve our resources web page, , so look for improvements coming soon. There are a lot of great organizations out there that can help people and we can all act as informed navigators as Linda calls it, to help our families.
We are also planning another educational session on Sep 27th, the feast day of St Vincent de Paul, details are still to be firmed up but mark that date on your calendars.
And the big news is we are booked for another full day session on October 22 at Annunciation of our Lord (similar to what we did last year at Mount Mary) but Annunciation have a giant screen which was one of the concerns last year. The program is still being developed but “save the date” in your calendars. To thank all our members for your great service this will be a free event.

As mentioned in our external newsletter we now have part 3 of Peter Burns fascinating history of our Society in Hamilton, wonderful reading, .
We still have room for more twins, if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, please consider this, there are so many countries in need of help. Please call Guido at 905-741-9650.
One of our members informed us that Catholic cemeteries are hiring for students to cut grass over the summer, you might know of some young people you visit looking for a summer job

Well, another busy spell indeed with great progress in many areas. Please continue our mission with passion “To live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy.” GOD BLESS YOU ALL. (Please remember you can get yourself some SSVP clothing, lets promote our society If you would like to ask questions, make suggestions, or review any of this material in more depth you can reach me John McKay at or 905-870-0550).

The St. John the Baptist SVdP conference is “twinning” with a conference in Guatemala. “Twinning” means that Conferences that have greater resources connect with other Conferences in lower income parts of the world to share their resources with them to help to carry out their works of charity. We look forward to meeting with our twinning conference in Guatemala via phone or video conference soon!

Canada Learning Bond
Our SVdP members have been providing our clients with school aged children, information on how they can access government funds towards their education through the Canada Learning Bond. Mike Potter has connected with the St. John the Baptist school to promote this excellent program with our school families. Please feel free to reach out to any member of our Committee to find out more details!


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Shoppers, we invite you to visit our store at 200 Parkdale Avenue North to experience that “feel good shopping” atmosphere as you walk through and among our numerous “Next to New” items of clothing for men, women and children. We also have a wide range of furniture for any room in your home, including small appliances, books, magazines, kitchen wares and unique “one of a kind” items. Again, these are all “Next to New” and you will be amazed at the great quality to choose from. SEE YOU at the Store which is on the Parkdale bus route.