What is the Rosary and why do Catholics pray it?

In this session Fr. Andrew discussed who Mary is, her role supporting Jesus and the apostles, the development of the Rosary as well as Protestant and Muslim perspectives.

Some key notes:

  • The month of May honours Mary while October focuses on the Rosary
  • Mary was fearless and not afraid to see and be near suffering. She stayed by Jesus’ side throughout his ministry
  • Mary supported Jesus to begin his work at the wedding at Cana
  • The Rosary deepens our relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • Catholics do not idolize Mary as a god – we ask for her intercession and honour her as the Mother of Jesus. Just as we ask our friends and family to pray for us, we ask Mary to help us by bringing our petitions to God
  • Muslims honour Mary as well. There is a chapter in the Quran called the Sura Maryam. Muslims see Mary as the mother of ‘the great prophet Jesus’
  • The Rosary was developed over time by referencing sacred scripture, verifying miracles and apparitions and by the Magisterium
  • There have been many testimonies to the power of praying the Rosary – the Miracle at Manilla and the sightings at Fatima, Portugal are two notable examples
  • We reflect on pivotal moments of Jesus’s life by praying the Rosary


The First Lady and Her Successors by Josephine Lombardi – A film about the power of the Rosary and how it changed the lives of several women.

Pray the Rosary Without Distractions The Joyful, Glorious, Sorrowful and Luminous Mysteries with reflections points for each decade.