In 1930 the Most Reverend John T. McNally established St. John the Baptist Parish in the Delta district, which had been part of St. Patrick Parish. The site purchased for the church and school in 1929 was an old orchard.

A separate school was built first in 1929, and the community worshipped there until 1942 when construction of the church began. Because of the war at the time, steel was impossible to obtain and so a temporary wooden structure was built. By the 1950s the parish had grown so large that a larger church was needed.

The present church was built in 1956 and dedicated on October 6, 1957. Its construction was made possible by the generosity of parishioners and the tireless labour of Father T.B. Traynor, who was pastor from 1933 until his death in 1960. The 1942 building was turned into a parish hall.

Father G.M. Ryan, St. John’s next pastor (1960-1976), brought to the growing community a strong sense of being together – a feeling that persists to the present day. In 1982, Father Dan Hinsperger altered the church to incorporate a daily Mass chapel and arranged the congregation on three sides of the altar rather than four.

The Parish has seen steady numbers of families and continues to be very active in outreach and community engagement. – (Posted March 13, 2022)

From History of the Diocese of Hamilton. Published by Editions du Signe 2007. Mural photo by Patrice Thebault.

The Chapel Stained Glass Art By Carel Kippers

These beautiful windows were created and installed in the chapel by Carel Kippers. They tell the story of God’s desire to have a close and meaningful relationship with us. The window on the left (the Old Testament) shows the burning bush with the Hebrew characters that are translated to mean I AM. It also means “I GIVE BEING TO ALL THAT IS”. On each corner of this window are vignettes illustrating four different events in which God told us that He wants to be with us. Can you guess what these four events are? Come take a look and pick up a copy of the history of the windows to find out!

The window on the right (the New Testament) shows the symbol for the Alpha and the Omega. In between the A for Alpha is the Cup which is being filled from above with the Blood and the Water for our salvation. St. John tells us that Jesus says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.” This is the same message as the first window where God reveals His name YHWH which carries the meaning of “I WAS, I AM, I WILL BE”. The whole panel is surmounted by the Crown of Christ our King. All are One with Christ.

The New Testament window also has four vignettes on each corner that illustrate creative episodes of God. They show four of the great episodes in Creation, and our human attempts to understand and worship God. We invite you to come take a look and learn more about the special meanings behind the art that showcases how God blesses and loves us.