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From the Pastor’s Desk – May 8th, 2022

Dear Parishioners,
Happy Mothers Day to all the women in our parish and in the world!
We have another opportunity to honour all women for their special role in creation. We entrust all mothers to the intercession of Mary our Mother. May Mary’s faith, courage, service, sacrifice and humility be a model for all women. We remember women who are suffering in our world and pray for God’s providence and peace for them.
Happy Mothers’ Day!
Fr. Andrew

From the Pastor’s Desk – April 17, 2022

Dear family of God,
Happy Easter!
Easter is always a time of Joy, Hope and New Life in Christ Jesus. The Resurrection of Jesus fills our hearts with much joy; it gives us hope for a better and brighter future. In Christ we are always assured of new life. Regardless of our challenges let us never stop hoping and trusting in God who is capable of bringing life out of that which is decayed. May the power of the resurrection brighten your days – Happy Easter!!!

Fr. Andrew

From the Pastor’s Desk – January 2, 2022

My dear family of God,
Merry Christmas and a Grace-Filled New Year!
Over these past years I have been overjoyed about how we are growing in our spiritual lives and in our numbers. I have been inspired and thrilled about how we are contributing our best to build a vibrant, prayerful and mission-oriented parish. May God be praised!
As we come to the end of this year, I wish to establish my deepest gratitude to all of you who share your Time, Talent and Resources to sustain and grow our parish. Although I know it is our Christian duty and calling to give, to promote the Good News of Christ and to be true witnesses, I want to thank you for allowing yourselves to be used by the Holy Spirit for the good works of God.
Thank you to all our volunteers and parish staff! You have been super amazing in these difficult times. Your generous giving of your time and all you do have kept us open and running smoothly. We couldn’t have achieved much without you. May God bless you all.
Thank you to all who have been personally generous to me in cash, kind and prayers. I sincerely can’t thank you enough. May God abundantly bless and replenish you all.
To all the new members of our parish, I say a big WELCOME to you! Please feel at home and never see yourselves as strangers, but become solid members of our parish family as we all continue to mature as true disciples of Christ.
Brothers and sister, the past years have not been what we envisioned, anyhow, Christmas is a time of hope. Let us look back with humility and gratitude, celebrate the present with joy and love, and move into the future with hope and grace. In all things let the truth and love of Christ reign. Let us not give room for evil, but allow only goodness to thrive.
By the rich blessings and graces of our Lord Jesus Christ, let us continue to build a vibrant, prayerful and mission-oriented church to the glory of God and the good of humanity.
Happy New Year!
Fr. Andrew Quarshie